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How To Show The Users Who Set A Post As A Favorite
How To Show The Users Who Set A Post As A Favorite
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With our Add to favorites widget, you can easily show the list of users who have liked a specific post. Let's see how you can do that.

In this tutorial we used

Steps to Show the list of users

  • Drop the Add to Favorites widget on your page or on your single post template for the posts. For this tutorial, we will use a single post template to offer users to add the post to their favorites and then show the users who have favorited the post.

  • Now Choose the User Scope in widget content settings and give your favorite list a key and title.

  • You can hide the button for non-logged-in users by enabling the toggle under Visitors settings.

  • Now I will drop a views widget on my template. Here select"users" in Object type as we will return the users' data.

  • In select, I've used Fields content type and in the field, I have chosen "user_nicename".

    You can also choose a template for this purpose.

Now in "Where - Filter Criteria" you can search and choose the field by the key name that you put under add to favorites widget. After selecting the field(bookmark in my case), choose the operator and value as shown in the below screenshot.


This is how you can show the users who set your post as favorite. Now you can play with the styling and achieve the desired design.

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