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How to Update your Post with Elementor Pro Form
How to Update your Post with Elementor Pro Form
Updated over a week ago

You can easily update the post data or add new data using our Save for Elementor Pro Form Extension. You can use My posts widget to show the users the posts they have created in the layout you want. As such, in this tutorial, we will see how you can show the posts and let users update them.

Steps Involved:

  • To show the posts to the logged-in users, use the My Posts widget on your page.

  • Edit the single post template and add a section, drag and drop Elementor Form widget

  • Edit the section visibility, set the display to show and enable users and role trigger

  • Now set the trigger visibility to show it for the selected roles you want

  • On the form widget, add fields ( I have added one field to update the title and one to update the post content)

  • Go to Actions After Submit and add a save action.

  • Set save fields as "post"

  • Enable the toggle 'update existent data'

  • Map the field IDs to update the title and content

  • Update the page.

Now, the logged-in users can easily see their posts, and they can easily edit them after opening them.

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