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Add the Widget to your page and the button will display. Now your Visitors will be able to save all your favorite Posts.


The Scope is the most important choice and there are three possibilities:

  • Cookie, visitor's preferences will be stored in a Cookie, so confined in his computer/browser and he doesn't need to be registered. You can also set "Cookie Expiration" days to set the duration of the cookie.

  • User, a registered user can save his preferences in his User Meta. It will be stored data in DB for this specific person and it will be available from every device and moment until he removes it. This is the solution that many people are looking for.

  • Global, is a community preference and like all preferences, it will be added and stored in DB inside an Option. You can use this method to "Save post as Sticky" also.

Show counter: for Cookie and User scope you can visualize how many Users have saved a current post on their preferences (as a Facebook Like button).
NOTE: The Cookie scope counter may not be realistic sometimes, because a visitor could delete his cookie and re-add it causing the increase of counter.

Favorite lists: you can create different Lists (like "Save for Later", "My preferred posts", etc) and for each of them you need to set:

  • Key, that will be the unique name that identifies it in UserMeta or in Cookies. Pay attention when setting it, because if you change it you will lose the preferences saved until now (they actually remain saved with the old key, but they will not be considered). It would be better to write it in lowercase, with _ instead of the spaces and avoid special characters;

  • Title, the name of the button that will help you identify;

  • Add e Remove Tabs, where you can decide the text of the Call to Action that you would like to show on the button. It. could also be accompanied by an icon.

Can remove: you can decide if the user can remove the posts from his preferred after he added them. Otherwise, the button will be disabled and maintained only for notification that the current Post is in his list.

Note: Ajax is now set by default so that when the Add or Remove action takes place, you will not need to reload the page.


A basilar setting to customize your button.


If you choose User as Scope, it will work for NON logged users in two modalities:

  • Hide the button for NON logged Users, so visitors will not see it;

  • Force them to Login specifying the Login Url.


You can customize the content of:

  • Add Success Messages: it will be shown when the user adds a current post to the list;

  • Remove Success Messages: it will be shown when the user removes a previously added current post from the list.

Floating message: the notification is by default under the bottom. Enabling it, you will be able to place them on the page wherever you like it (top, middle, bottom, left, center, right).

How to Show the List

You can use the Favorites widget to show the list of favorite posts. Navigate to query and set the scope and key to fetch the favorite results.

You can also use Dynamic Tag - Favorites to display the list of current users' favorite Posts.

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