In this tutorial, we will see how to create a profile page with the posts of the current author profile using Dynamic Template and Dynamic Posts (was Dynamic Posts v2).


  1. Create a template for the profile

  2. Assign the profile template in - Template System

Below is a detailed explanation of the above steps.

Create a template for the profile

Navigate to Templates > Add New > Choose Section and Name your template

On this template, we are gonna use five elements:

Author Name:

We can use token [author:display_name] to show the author's name.

Author Bio

Use "Author Info" in Dynamic Tags and choose Bio under Field dropdown.

Author Image

Use "User Profile Picture" to show author's image. You can also mask it to a circle by using "clip-path" advanced masking where you can choose the predefined clip-path.

Number of Posts by Author

You can use the token [user:ID|count_user_posts] to show the number of posts written by the author.

Posts Written by Author

To show the posts written by the author, use the Dynamic Posts widget.

In query filter, choose filter by Author, and in author filters type choose "Current Author"

Assigning the template in "Template System"

Once you are done with your template, just assign it to your user's archive page as shown in the below screenshot.

Congratulations! You have successfully designed user pages with other info and their posts.

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