Dynamic Tag - Favorites
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Dynamic Tag - Favorites allows you to display the list of current users' favorite Posts which are added to the favorite list using Add to Favorites Widget.

You can use it in a Select or Textarea field to have the favorites displayed in a form and sent by Dynamic Email or insert them into a PDF with PDF Generator.

Favorites from and Favorites Key are responsible to query the list.

Separator: You can separate the list items by appending further list items after a new line, a line break, or a comma.

Favorites From: It is how you have actually set up the key. Set-Cookie, User, or Global based on it.

Favorites Key: It is a key set in the add to favorites widget.

Link to Favorite: Enables the Link for Items in the list

Post Status: You can set the post status which you want to be displayed for the list.

Order: You can order the list by different parameters and make it ascending or descending.

Results: Set no. of items in the list

Fallback Content: Set the text when there is no favorite in the list


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