Stripe Field for Elementor Pro Form
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Stripe is a popular payment gateway to receive payments online. With Stripe for Elementor Pro Form, you can receive payments.

Use Cases for Stripe for Elementor Pro Form

  • Receive Payments for Product or Service Sales

  • Receive Donations

  • Receive Payment for Virtual Products

  • Receive Payment for Downloadable Products

Prerequisites for Using Stripe For Elementor Pro Form

You should set the API.

Creating a Basic Elementor Form to Receive Payments in Stripe

To receive payments you need to first create a basic form using Stripe Field Type.

Item Name: It can be a static product name or may come dynamically from ACF when used in Post Type Template

Transaction Currency: Unlike Paypal, you can choose the currency for Stripe right within the block settings.

Transaction Amount: Transaction amount can also be static and dynamic depending on the use case

  • Fixed Amount (Best for Landing Pages)

  • Variable Amount (for Custom Post Pages coming via ACF)

  • Custom Amount (Best for Donation)

Make sure to toggle the Stripe field as required so the form is not sent if stripe payment is not done.

Then there is the Item description, Item number (SKU) field. You can keep the further two based on use cases either dynamic or static.

Using PDF Generator to generate a PDF with an order placed

You can follow this tutorial to further generate a PDF and send it to your customer for download.

Attach Customer Information to the Stripe Panel

you can attach the customer information by enabling the toggle "attach custom information to the Payment"

You just need to insert the field IDs for customer Email, their full name, and phone number from your form.

How do I localize the Field messages in another language?

Everything in the Stripe field is automatically localized according to the language set in the browser of the person who is accessing it.

Is the ZIP code necessary? What if we use something different in my region?

The ZIP sub-field only appears when Stripe recognizes the card was issued in the United States. For other countries, it might not appear at all or might appear a corresponding sub-field appropriate for the country the card was issued in (for example Postal Code in the United Kingdom).

Where is the "pay" button?

The pay button was removed, the payment is made on form submission without requiring extra steps.


Unfortunately, we do not support Stripe Taxes and we don't foresee supporting it.

Can only authorize the payments so that I can capture them later manually?

Yes, you can switch on the option "Do not capture".

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