Counter Field for Elementor Pro Form
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The Counter Field for Elementor Pro Form is useful for many use cases: When you need a unique successive ID for the form submission, when you want to keep track of the number of submissions received, but also to get the sum of the values of a specific field (for example sold tickets to an Event).

  • Start Counter at: to set the number from where the count will start

  • Counter Step: this is the value to be added each time the form is submitted. It's possible to retrieve the value from another form field.

  • Hide the counter: you can hide the counter here if you want to make use of the count in value of another field by appending it.

Counter and Templates

Notice that the counter is unique. if the form is in a template and you put the template in various places there is still only one counter. Its value will be the same in all places and a submit in one place will advance the counter in all places.

Setting the Counter Step

The Counter Step (default 1) will determine how much to increase the counter after each submit. It can be a static value different than one, a value that is determined by some page dynamic value (like a custom field, use an Elementor Dynamic Tag for this), or even by the value of some other field in the form. To take the step from another field in the form use a token directly, as shown below:

Disabling the Counter in Some Situations

You might want the counter not to increase based on some form conditions. To do this you can set the step to zero as shown above. It's not possible to do this with Form Conditions instead, as these will only determine the visibility of the Counter Field.

Reset the Dynamic Counter

In order to reset the value of Dynamic Counter, you can simply remove the counter field and re-add a new field with the same id.

Use Cases

  1. If you are using the Elementor Form to sell items with Stripe or PayPal, you can display the number of total purchases so far. You can also limit the number of items sold, like in the case of tickets for an Event. This can be done by using the counter together with the Conditional Validation extension.

  2. You can use the counter in the value of the Unique ID field for references.

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