Dynamic Users
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Dynamic Users is a Widget to display the User (Authors) Archive.


Single Author

Shows an info box of the current Post Author.
Other settings will not be available because this will not be an Archive, but there can be only one result.


  • Order By, you can select the archive's oder, from all User fields and his meta.
    If a Meta (num or string) value is selected, you have to specify the field searching from all the available.

  • Sorting, (ASC or DESC) based on the Order By field.


If you don't want to display all Users you can limit them with some simple filters:

  • Roles, you can display only a range of user filtering them by their Role. Multiple roles are accepted.

  • User Field Filter, you can select only one user which contains a selected field (like an ACF Field) equal to a specified Value


Maybe you don't want to display info about a specific user.

  • Exclude user, you can easily remove users from the list simply searching them.

  • Exclude Authors, enable it if you don't want to display Authors who never post an article.



Layout, there are some quick and predefined Layouts which display Avatar images on the selected position opposite to the rest of the fields.

There are available many Items (User Fields) to display, you can add, remove and reorder them as you want:

  • Avatar, the user image provided by Wordpress;

  • Standard User field, like ID, Email, Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Description, Website, etc;

  • Custom Meta, displays an extra info, like an ACF field;

  • Posts, all his published Posts filtered by Type;

  • Attachments, files related to this User;

  • Button, for a CTA to a single Author page;

Every Item has its own Configuration and Style tab.
A specific extra Section is available for Avatar.


With a Template you have no limitations on fields and block structure for single User.

Use User Fields Widget and Tokens to display every User info you want.


You can choose from:

  • Row, a row for every result, the ideal if you want to display only current page Author;

  • Grid Flexbox, display users in columns, you can choose how many user per row;

  • Grid Masonry, let you enable User frontend Filters;

Column Space, is the padding space from a column to another.

Row Space, is the space between a row and next one.

Alignment, global alignment of all contents.


If you want to use Filters, it is necessary to enable Grid style as "Grid Masonry", and this specific section will appear.

Choose a User Field as Filter, automatically available filters will appear separated by a custom Separator.

You can play with all Styles to customize them.

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