Dynamic Posts (old version)
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This widget is deprecated. Please use Dynamic Posts instead.

Dynamic Posts (old version) is one of our most powerful widgets. It allows building archives from lists of articles with 5 different queries. You can display the list with various layouts and use them to shape blocks.

Post Type Query

The first thing to consider is the Query Type or Query mode. This is how you will pick up your posts to view them.
You can use different ways to generate dynamic lists.


You can select various filters based on your previous choice of Post Type Query:


This section permits you to choose how elements display on your list. Read more...
If you choose to enable the template in "Dynamic Content" settings this section will disappear.


Hover effect

The hover effect permits to choice of animation when the user hovers over with a cursor or mouse pointer. You can choose:

  • Opacity (from 0 to 100%);

  • Filters image;

Dynamic Content

This sections permits override the Layout sections and permits to choose :

  • the Template of each element of your list;

  • another template (Template 2) to show the odd elements of your list;

  • the Native Template associated with the type set in the Template System;

  • to use the extended link on the template block so your entire template becomes Linkable.

Wow Animation

Wow Animations reveal animations when you scroll the page.

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