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Dynamic Posts (old version) - Post Type Query - ACF Relations
Dynamic Posts (old version) - Post Type Query - ACF Relations
Updated over a week ago

The Query Type "ACF Relations" displays related Post object (single or multiple) defined in the current post's relationship field.

With this query you can choose:

  • the relationship field;

  • invert direction: ACF Relationship doesn't support natively Many-to-Many relations, but our widget can simulate and resolve it;
    โ€‹ EXAMPLE: if you associated the Authors to the Books with an ACF Field stored in Books CPT, normally you can only list the Authors in Books single page.
    With this Inverted direction setting you will be able to list all Books associated to Authors in the Authors single page.

  • number of posts to display (-1 means "all");

  • order by Post ID | Post Author | Title | Date | Last Modified Date | Parent ID | Random | Comment Count | Menu Order | Meta Value NUM | Meta Value DATE. If you select "Meta Value" you must choose the Meta Field;

  • order ascending or descending.

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