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Dynamic Posts
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Dynamic Posts is one of our most powerful widgets, and it's the new version of Dynamic Posts (old version).

It allows building archives from lists of articles. You can display the list with various layouts and use them to shape blocks.

Dynamic Posts

The first thing to consider is the skin. You can choose between:


A maximum of one Dynamic Post at a time can use the pagination on the page.

Infinite Scroll

You can use Infinite scroll pagination and trigger it on the click of a button or on the scroll page.

This section permits you to choose how elements display on your list:

  • Title;

  • Featured Image;

  • Date;

  • Terms of Taxonomy;

  • Content;

  • Author;

  • Custom Meta Fields;

  • JetEngine Field;

  • Read More;

  • Post Type;

  • Add to Cart;

  • Product Price;

  • Product SKU

The hover effect permits to choice of animation when the user hovers over with a cursor or mouse pointer. You can choose:

  • Opacity (from 0 to 100%);

  • Filters image;

  • Animation.


This is how you will pick up your posts to view them.

Query Filter

You can select various filters based on your previous query choice:

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