The Counter Field for Elementor Pro Form is useful for many use cases: When you need a unique successive ID for the form submission, when you want to keep track of the number of submissions received, but also to get the sum of the values of a specific field (for example sold tickets to an Event).

  • Start Counter at: to set the number from where the count will start

  • Counter Step: this is the value to be added each time the form is submitted. It's possible to retrieve the value from another form field.

  • Hide the counter: you can hide the counter here if you want to make use of the count in value of another field by appending it.

Add a Step Set To A Token

In case you have a limited number of tickets and one person can buy more than one ticket at a time, then you can use Dynamic value in Counter Step from the form field using Token.

In the above screenshot, we've referenced a number field with id of "ticket"

Use Cases

  1. If you are using the Elementor Form to sell items with Stripe or PayPal, you can display the number of total purchases so far. You can also limit the number of items sold, like in the case of tickets for an Event. This can be done by using the counter together with the Conditional Validation extension.

  2. You can use the counter in the value of the Unique ID field for references.

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