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Dynamic Redirect for Elementor Pro Form
Updated over a week ago

Enabling this Elementor Pro Form Extension you can find a new "Actions After Submit" called Dynamic Redirect.

Add it to "Add Action" multi-select and the new Dynamic Redirect Section will appear.

Set Your Conditions

You can set multiple conditions, click on "Add Item" to set a new redirect option.

Pay attention to the order, when a condition is satisfied the next redirect options will be ignored.

Redirect Options

Condition: type the field ID

Condition Status: the logic operation used on the selected field.

  • Empty, if the current field has not a value;

  • Valued, if the current field is filled or selected by the user;

  • Less Than, the field's value has a value less than... (usually for number or dates);

  • Greater Than, the field's value has a value great than... (usually for number or dates);

  • Equal To, the field's value is exactly equal to...;

  • Contain, the field's value contains a substring.

Condition Value: the comparative value, needed only for a certain operation.

Redirect To: the URL to redirect the user after submission if the condition is satisfied.

In the Url field you can use Elementor Field shortcodes (like [field id="email"]) and also Tokens (like [form:email]).


https://www.mysite.ext/?email=[field id="email"]&name=[form:name|strtolower|str_replace(' ','_')]

NOTE: it's important to use the urlencode filter on all fields which could contain special chars, like [form:name|urlencode]

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