This Action is available only for the Form included in the paid version of Elementor (Elementor PRO), which is NOT included in our plugin.

Enabling this Elementor Pro Form Extension you can find a new "Actions After Submit" called Dynamic Redirect.

Add it to "Add Action" multi-select and the new Dynamic Redirect Section will appear.

Set Your Conditions

You can set multiple conditions, click on "Add Item" to set a new redirect option.

Pay attention to the order, when a condition is satisfied the next redirect options will be ignored.

Redirect Options

Condition: type the field ID

Condition Status: the logic operation used on the selected field.

  • Empty, if the current field has not a value;

  • Valued, if the current field is filled or selected by the user;

  • Less Than, the field's value has a value less than... (usually for number or dates);

  • Greater Than, the field's value has a value great than... (usually for number or dates);

  • Equal To, the field's value is exactly equal to...;

  • Contain, the field's value contains a substring.

Condition Value: the comparative value, needed only for a certain operation.

Redirect To: the URL to redirect the user after submission if the condition is satisfied.

In the Url field you can use Elementor Field shortcodes (like [field id="email"]) and also Tokens (like [form:email]).


https://www.mysite.ext/?email=[field id="email"]&name=[form:name|strtolower|str_replace(' ','_')]

NOTE: it's important to use the urlencode filter on all fields which could contain special chars, like [form:name|urlencode]

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