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How To Limit The Number of Elementor Form Submissions
How To Limit The Number of Elementor Form Submissions
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Note: There is also a simple way of doing this using Max Submissions for Elementor Pro Form.

There can be multiple instances where you want to limit the submits of an Elementor Form to a certain number of submissions.

For example, if you are using a form to sell tickets to an event, you might want to limit the tickets that can be sold.

Widgets/Extension Used For this Tutorial

  • Counter Extension for Elementor Form

  • Conditional Validation for Elementor Form

  • Message Generator for Elementor Form

Let's assume for this tutorial that we're running a contest to give 1000 early adopters the coupon for 60% OFF.

Add a counter field in your form, with the start counter as 1 and the counter step as 1.

It means the count will start from the initial value 1 and will progress with 1 more value at each submission. I've made it hidden so that it is hidden to the users submitting the form.

By using Conditional Validation, you can restrict the number of submissions for the form. I have used the expression counter < 1001 to accept submissions when the counter is below 1001. You can also make it counter <= 1000

You can also attach a message on submission that tells the users about the total entries so far.

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