Dynamic Posts - Items Style
Updated over a week ago

In Dynamic Posts, there are several predefined items style that can be used for the post blocks.

These items style include:

  • Default - In the default style, content is displayed below the image.

  • Left - The image is on the left.

  • Right - The image is on the right

  • Alternate - Images are in the alternate position as the progress

  • Text Zone - The content area floats on the right side of the image

  • Overlay - Content is floating on the top of the image and is middle aligned

  • Float - Content is in the center and top of the image

  • Template - In the template items style, one can use a dynamic template created with Elementor for the post blocks. One can assign different templates for odd and even post blocks.

Template for System Block: Enabling this option you can set the template defined in Dynamic Content > Template System right away.

Linkable: Enabling this option, enables the link on a complete template block that redirects to the post page.

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