Telegram for Elementor Pro Form
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With Telegram for Elementor Pro Form, you can send the content of your form to Telegram, with just a few clicks. You can send multiple messages to multiple Telegram bots at the same time.

First, you need to set a condition to execute this action.

For example, you can execute this action only if the field ID "name" is valued

Telegram authorization token

You must create a Telegram Bot:

  • Search for the @BotFather username in your Telegram application;

  • Click Start to begin a conversation with @BotFather;

  • write /newbot to @BotFather;

  • specify a friendly bot name;

  • specify the bot username.

@BotFather we will reply to you with the token to access the HTTP API and paste it on the Telegram authorization token.

If you can’t find the API access token, create a new token with the following steps below.

  • Send /token to @BotFather;

  • Select the relevant bot at the bottom of your Telegram application. @BotFather responds with a new API access token.

Chat ID

  • Paste the following link in your browser. Replace <API-access-token> with the API access token that you identified or created in the previous section:<API-access-token>/getUpdates

For example, your URL could be
  • Send a message to your bot in the Telegram application. The message text can be anything. Your chat history must include at least one message to get your chat ID.

  • Refresh your browser.

  • Identify the numerical chat ID by finding the id inside the chat JSON object. In the example below, the chat ID is 123456789.


Here you can type the message using Tokens.

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