Terms & Taxonomy
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Display the Taxonomy Terms related to the current Post.

Select the wanted Taxonomy from the dropdown list.

You can decide to Show only:

  • only Parents (first level terms)

  • only Children (sub level terms)

  • both

The separator is a character to separate every term from each other, you can also leave it empty.

You can optionally decide to display also Term Description under the Term Title.

Here a complete example of Term in the list.

With these sliders you can easily manage spaces around the Terms.

You can add a custom Text Before and After the Term list.

Block Alignment, the horizontal position of the List.

Text Alignment, the alignment of the Text inside each Term in the List.

Link To, apply a link to each Term in the List, by default is enabled, so every Term will link to his archive page.

Term settings

If enabled there are some Extra settings to increase the style of the Terms.


If enabled then you have to choose the Image field, which should contain an Attachment ID or a Media URL.

Image Size, from all the WordPress standard Media format or Custom size.

Block, display Image as a block over the Term name, so it separates every Term in the list in columns.

Columns, if Block is enabled every Term has its own column, so you can define how many columns per row display.

Size, set a Max Width size for the Image

Shift X and Y, horizontal and vertical shift of the image for an overlapping effect


If enabled then the Color Field is needed, which contains the color data from a Color Picker in hex annotation.
Optionally you can choose also the Color on Hover Field in the same way.

The Color can be used in different Mode:

  • as Term Text color

  • as Term Background color

  • as Term Underline color

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