Taxonomy-Terms Menu
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Taxonomy-term List builds an archive type navigation menu.

For example, if you need a terms list:

This is perfect to create a shoulder menu or a site-map on the footer.

You can choose between two orientation styles: Horizontal and Vertical


  1. Enable Dynamic;

  2. Hide Empty.

Enable Dynamic

The menu is built by a query that uses the values of the single page where it is displayed.

Hide Empty

Only show terms that have associated posts. If a specific term has no associated items it won't be on the list.


Display options:

  • Show Taxonomy name;

  • Custom Taxonomy Name;

  • Show Terms-Child list;

  • Show border.

Space options:

  1. Header Space;

  2. Items Width (horizontal);

  3. List Space;

  4. Indent.


Advanced Custom Fields Image

If the term has an ACF field of image type you can add it to the list items.


  • ACF Field: the field you want to show;

  • Image Size;

  • If it is Block or Inline;

  • The space around it;

  • Its Size.

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