Manage Tokens Filters Whitelist
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A Token is a placeholder for a dynamically generated value that is written in a special format of text. You can now however set its status and whitelist the filters (functions).

How to Manage Token Filters Whitelist

Navigate to > Settings

Status: Here you can opt to Enable/Disable the Token functionality. It is pertinent to note that, disabling Tokens here is not as equivalent to Disabling the Dynamic Tag - Tokens from Features.

As such, if you disable the token here, only functionality will cease to work.

Active Tokens: Here you can enable the types that you want to enable/disable. For example, if you don't want to use Date and System type for your tokens, then you can keep them unchecked.

Filters Whitelist Status: By enabling this dropdown, all the functions that you have put in the whitelist Textarea, will get whitelisted.

Filters Whitelist: Here you can put one filter per line that you want to whitelist.

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