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Dynamic Tag - Meta Box Relationship
Dynamic Tag - Meta Box Relationship
Updated over a week ago

Dynamic Tag โ€“ Meta Box Relationship let you display the Title or ID of the posts saved in the Meta Box Relationship field of the current post. This Dynamic tag is also useful to show the list in the select field on an Elementor Pro Form.


  • Relation: select the type of relationship whether FROM or TO.

  • Separator: to show the list separated by a comma, in a new line, or with line breaks.

  • Post Type: to filter the posts from specific post types

  • Post Status: to further filter the list based on post status

  • Order by: set the list to show in order of Date, Last Modified Date, Meta Value, Title, Comment Count, or more.

  • Order: set the order to be ascending or descending

  • Results: no. of list items to show

  • Return Format: to show/return Title or ID, or both.

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