Product Upsells
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If you are designing a custom single layout for your product page, then you can make use of our Product upsells widget in your single product template to show the "products you may like section".

You can set your product Upsells in Woocommerce. The widget will query the products which are set as upsells for your Woocommerce product.

Product Upsells widget uses the features of Dynamic Posts, as such the documentation of some items will point to the common items.

Product Upsells

The first thing to consider in the Product upsells widget is its skin. You can choose between:

This section permits you to choose how elements display on your list:

  • Image;

  • Date;

  • Title;

  • Terms of Taxonomy;

  • Content;

  • Author;

  • Add to card;

  • Product Price;

  • Product SKU;

  • Custom Meta Fields;

  • Read More;

  • Post Type.

Scroll Reveal Effect

You can set the reveal effect for the widget which will occur as you scroll to the widget.

The hover effect permits to choice of animation when the user hovers over with a cursor or mouse pointer. You can choose:

  • Opacity (from 0 to 100%);

  • Filters image;

  • Animation.


Here you can choose results per page, order by assignment, and its order arrangement whether descending or ascending. By default, it is ordered by Date in Descending Order.

Query Filter

You can select various filters based on your previous query choice:

No Results Behaviour

With this optional feature, you can set the fallback text or template to display when there are no results

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