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How To Display Submitted Form Data on Another Page
How To Display Submitted Form Data on Another Page

How to display submitted form data using Dynamic redirect.

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Sometimes you may want to show users a preview of their submitted form data with a custom message. In this tutorial, we'll redirect users to another page with a confirmation message. You could show all the form entries, but it depends on your use case.
Firstly, we need a form widget with name, email, subject, and message field.

From Actions After Submit, select Dynamic Redirect and paste the internal page URL with the parameter. e.g.[form:name|str_replace(' ','_')]&usubject=[form:subject|str_replace(' ','_')]

Here we have assigned form input values to custom parameters named "uname" & "usubject", you can use any other name for your parameter and fetch the assigned value to a parameter with a get function.

In value, we have also replaced spaces with "_" (underscore) to get the exact value on return if we replace underscores with spaces.

Click here to learn more about Dynamic Redirect URL parameters.

Note: name is a reserved term and may cause a 404 error. Notice we used name. Also, remember to replace "" with your domain URL.

Finally, we'll display the form parameters with tokens using the text below.

Hello [system:get:uname|str_replace('_',' ')|sanitize_text_field], your subject [system:get:usubject|str_replace('_',' ')|sanitize_text_field] has been submitted.

Note: To avoid XSS attacks append the sanitize_text_field() WP function.

The result should look like this.


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