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How to Display Pods Relational Data
How to Display Pods Relational Data

How to display post-relational data in a custom template design.

Updated over a week ago

With our Pods Relationship widget, you can display related posts linked using the Pods Relationship field.

Let's say you have a website where you want to upload the details of authors as a custom post type but linked to a different post type called books.

The most important step to achieve this result is to configure your post's relationship properly.

In this tutorial, we'll be making use of the PODS plugin.

  1. Create two Custom Post Types(Parent and child). e.g Writer and Book

  2. Add a Relationship field type in the parent CPT and select the child CPT in the Related To field. e.g Book

  3. Design a custom template to display your parent post.

  4. In the section where you want to display the relational data, add the Dynamic Pods relationship.

    5. You can also use the Dynamic Posts widget.
    Navigate to Query.
    Select Pods Relationship in Query Type.
    Type the name of the PODS relationship in the PODS Relationship FIeld.

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