Stripe allows you to add products and create payment links in relation to these products. With the use of these links, you can set up a dynamic form to receive payments based on user selection.

You can also customize these pages to give them your brand look & feel.

Using Dynamic Redirect

Suppose we have three links against three products costing $80, $120 & $160 respectively.

Now, added a field of type Select and gave it an ID "product" for product selection and gave the products a value against their label viz. 1, 2 & 3 so as to further utilize in the dynamic redirect action.

Now, add Dynamic Redirect Action after submit.

In Dynamic redirect, map the field with its ID in Condition. I compared it with its equivalent value to redirect to any URL.

As such, my Condition status says, if the product field is equal to 1 then redirect to this URL. In redirect to, use the stripe payment link if Product A is chosen(the value of which is 1 in our select field).

Now add two more redirect items or simply duplicate them by replacing the condition value and redirect link.

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