Author - Dynamic Shortcodes

Utilize the Author Dynamic Shortcode to dynamically extract and display varied information related to the authors of posts and pages.

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The Author Dynamic Shortcode is a shortcode to dynamically retrieve and manipulate data related to post authors.


  • field_name indicates the specific author information to retrieve.

  • Optionally, keyargs comprises key arguments for further refinement or alteration of the data retrieval process.

Key Arguments

Key arguments for the 'author' Dynamic Shortcode can include:

  • id: Designates the author's ID. Defaults to the current author if not specified.


  1. Simple Author Name Retrieval: {author:name} Retrieves the name of the current author of the post.

  2. Author Name with Specific ID: {author:name@id=5} Fetches the name of the author with ID 5.

  3. Author Specific Information Retrieval: {author:custom_field@id=3} Here, the shortcode retrieves a specific custom field value (replace custom_field with the actual field name) related to the author with ID 3.

Special Privileges

Accessing certain author fields might necessitate heightened privileges, especially for sensitive data. Such instances require the Author Dynamic Shortcode's use within Power Shortcodes, which are equipped to handle privileged data securely. For example, fetching an author's private email may need these elevated privileges.

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