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Tooltips can be used in multiples cases such as:

  1. To reduce the longer text to a shorter one

  2. Share more information about a particle item on hover

  3. Help the users with additional supportive content

  4. Tell the users about specific actions

  5. Sharing action information about the icons

You can add a tooltip to any widget by navigating to Advanced > Tooltip

You can enable the tooltip for any widget and even pull the dynamic content for the tooltip. Below are more options available to you for the tooltip:

Arrow Toggle: This will show or hide the arrow to your tooltip design

Follow Cursor: You can control to show the follow cursor effect.

Max Width: You can easily adjust the width of your tooltip. If your text is longer, then you can adjust the width to make it either in two lines or in one, inside the tooltip.

Touch Devices: You can decide whether to enable or disable the tooltip on touch devices. There is also an option to requires pressing and holding the screen to show it.

Background Color: Choose the tooltip background color.

Text Color: Choose the desirable text color for your tooltip.

Using Template as a Content of the Tooltip

You can use the Dynamic Tag Template in the content field to use the Elementor template as the content of the tooltip.

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