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Dynamic Tag - Template
Updated over a week ago

Dynamic Tags are an Elementor functionality that normally is activated only with Elementor PRO installed but you can use our Dynamic Tags on the free version, too.

These are examples of Dynamic Tags and you can find them in every text field:

  • Text;

  • Textarea;


Once you click on the related Tag the field will appear like this:

Click on it to open its settings.

A quick button takes you to the admin Template section to create a new custom template to insert in the position.

If you previously generated the Template, you can easily search and select it from the Template setting.

Optional Settings

Once the Template is selected, there are a few settings you could use for advanced manipulation.

  • Post, set another Post (instead of current) for rendered contents in Template.

  • User, set another User (instead of the current logged user) for rendered user data in Template.

  • Author, set another Author (instead of current) for rendered author data in Template.

  • Inline CSS, render Custom CSS inline instead of a separate file in the footer.

  • Show Shortcode, print the Shortcode to reuse it elsewhere with configured settings.

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