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Carousel is a skin type in Dynamic Posts that lets you display posts in a carousel.

In the carousel, you can choose any item style that you want. You can also choose to display the Elementor template for this purpose.

Selecting a Carousel in the skin will reveal a whole new bunch of settings for the carousel.

Basic Carousel Options

  • Remove Masking - With this toggle enabled, you can remove the mask on the carousel to display the outside elements

  • Speed (ms) - Here you can specify the duration of transition between slides in ms.

  • Transition Effect - Here you can choose the suitable transition effect for your carousel. There are five transition effects viz. Slide, Fade, Cube, Coverflow, and Flip.

  • Effects Options - For some transition effects, you can customize the effects under this effects option.

  • Direction - It is essentially the direction for your carousel whether horizontal or vertical.

  • Auto Height - with this option enables, the slider wrapper will adapt its height to the height of the currently active slide

  • Height of Viewport - This is the height for your carousel viewport or alternatively container.

Slide Options in Carousel

Navigation Option in Carousel

Pagination Option in Carousel

Scrollbar in Carousel

Loop Animation in Carousel

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