Grid is a skin type in Dynamic Posts that lets you display posts in a grid layout based on the flex display property.

For your grid, you can enable:

  • Pagination

  • Infinite Scroll


Selecting Grid in the Skin will open up Grid options in the widget as below.

Grid Type: Grid Type can be Flex, Massonary and Blog.

  1. Grid - Flex

    • Columns: Choose number of columns

    • Flex Grow: `you can enable Flex Grow. With Flex Grow enabled, the last elements have the ability to flex themselves to grow if necessary.

    • Horizontal Position: When flex is enable, grid is adjusted automatically so you don't get horizontal position. However, when disabled you can adjust the horizontal position.

    • Vertical Position: Here you can set the vertical position of your grid.

  2. Grid - Massonary

    With Massonary Grid type you can choose to show your content in a massonary form with selected number of columns.

  3. Grid - Blog

    In this grid type, you can show a custom template form your first item and the rest are show in a grid flex form.

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