Dynamic Cookie
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Dynamic Cookie is useful to set or unset cookies with dynamic values on your Elementor pages with ease.


You can set the mode:

  • set: defines a cookie to be sent along with the rest of the HTTP headers;

  • unset: it removes a cookie if exists.

In the other settings you can set:

  • cookie name, the name of the cookie;

  • if the cookie exists, here you can choose the behavior of the widget if the cookie already exists:

  • append the new value with a comma;

  • overwrite the cookie with the new value;

  • value, the value you want to set on the cookie. It supports Dynamic Tags

  • cookie expiration: the time the cookie expires. Set 0 or empty for session duration.

Dynamic Cookie doesn't set cookies on Elementor editor mode, but only on the frontend.


If your customers are located in Europe, California or Brasile remember to add this cookie to your cookie policy.

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