Cookie Action for Elementor Pro Form
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The Cookie Action for Elementor Pro Form allows you to set or unset cookies when a form is submitted.


To use the Cookie Action:

  1. Edit your Elementor form and go to the Form Settings.

  2. Under Actions After Submit, select "Cookie Action". This will add a new section for configuring the cookie.


The Cookie Action has the following settings:

  • Cookie Name - The name of the cookie to set.

  • Unset the cookie - Switch this on to remove the cookie instead of setting it.

  • The Cookie value needs to include a Form Field - Switch this on if you want the cookie value to contain form fields using tokens like [form:field_name].

  • Cookie Value - The value to set for the cookie.

  • Cookie Expiration - How long until the cookie expires. Enter a number + unit like "2d" for 2 days or "1h" for 1 hour. Default is 1 day.

On form submit, the cookie will be set or unset according to the configuration.

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