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Dynamic Due Date for Elementor Countdown Widget
Dynamic Due Date for Elementor Countdown Widget
Updated over a week ago

This feature has been deprecated since Elementor Pro added new dynamic tag for due date in v3.10.0.

Elementor Countdown widget is a great way to show the countdown timer on your pages to increase the conversions, or you can just use it for your maintenance, giveaway, event, or coming soon pages.

Definitely, there are many possibilities where you can use this widget.

Note: Elementor Countdown widget is available only on Elementor Pro

You can use the Dynamic Due Date extension to set the due date using dynamic values without touching the countdown widget from the Elementor editor.

You can use the ACF custom field of type "Date Time Picker" to assign the value from the ACF field.

Action After Expire: From here you can decide whether to redirect, hide or show a message when the time expires.

  • Redirect: Put the redirect URL where the user will be redirected.

  • Hide: When this option is chosen, the countdown will be hidden when time expires.

  • Show Message: It will show a message that you will enter when the countdown time expires.

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