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How to Use the Wizard to Generate Dynamic Shortcodes in Dynamic Content for Elementor
How to Use the Wizard to Generate Dynamic Shortcodes in Dynamic Content for Elementor
Updated over a week ago

The Wizard for Dynamic Shortcodes is only available with Dynamic Content for Elementor version 3.0 or higher.

The Wizard for Dynamic Shortcodes is a powerful tool designed to simplify the creation of Dynamic Shortcodes in Elementor, making them accessible even to less experienced users.
This wizard, included in Dynamic Content for Elementor, guides you through a step-by-step process to generate custom shortcodes without having to write any code.

What Does the Wizard Offer?

The Wizard for Dynamic Shortcodes is particularly useful for those new to shortcodes or for those who prefer a more visual and guided method to integrate dynamic functionalities into their Elementor projects. Although the version of the wizard is simpler and does not support the creation of complex conditions, it covers many common use cases.

Steps to Use the Wizard

  1. Access:

    • Access the wizard through the Elementor interface by navigating to the Dynamic Tags menu.

  2. Data Type Selection:

    • The wizard offers a variety of data types to choose from, such as Post, User, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Term, and many others.

    • Select the type of data you want to use for your shortcode.

  3. Configuration Options:

    • Depending on the selected data type, you will be presented with various options. These may include choosing a specific field and applying filters.

    • Configure the options according to your needs to further customize your shortcode.

  4. Generation of the Shortcode:

    • Once all options are configured, the wizard will automatically generate the shortcode and it will use it.

Administrator-Only Access for Enhanced Security

Only administrator users may use the Wizard. With this protected access, administrators have the ability to execute dynamic shortcodes that are normally only usable through Power Shortcodes.

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