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Explore the Woo Dynamic Shortcode, offering advanced functionality for retrieving and customizing WooCommerce data.

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The WooCommerce Dynamic Shortcode is a versatile tool designed for WordPress, enabling users to dynamically display WooCommerce product information.


  • field: the product information you want to display

Key Arguments

  • id: Specifies the WooCommerce product ID.

    {woo:field @ID=23}


  1. Basic Product Price Display


    Displays the price of current product.

  2. Product Name


  3. Product Attributes and Description


    Retrieves and displays the attributes of the product with ID 20.

  4. Sale Price with Fallback

    {woo:sale-price@id=25?'No sale price'} 

    Shows the sale price of product ID 25; displays "No sale price" if none exists.

Special Privileges

The Woo Dynamic Shortcode requires special privileges in certain scenarios:

  • Access to Non-Public Products: To read meta data from non-public products, the shortcode must be used within a Power Shortcode.

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