Term - Dynamic Shortcodes

Explore the functionality and use of Term Dynamic Shortcode, which allows advanced manipulation of term fields.

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The term Dynamic Shortcode in WordPress provides an advanced mechanism for retrieving fields from terms.


  • field: Specifies the term field to retrieve.

  • keyargs: A list of key arguments to refine the shortcode behavior. Key arguments are optional.

Key Arguments

  • id: Specifies the term ID to fetch data for.


  1. Basic Term Name Retrieval:


    This retrieves the name of the current term.

  2. Fetching Description with Term ID:


    Fetches the description of the term with ID 45.

  3. Retrieving Term Permalink:


    Gets the permalink of the term with ID 12.

  4. Displaying Term Count:


    Shows the count of posts associated with the term ID 8.

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