JetEngine - Dynamic Shortcodes

Explore the jet Dynamic Shortcode for WordPress, designed for fetching JetEngine field values in posts and pages with advanced syntax.

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The JetEngine Dynamic Shortcode is an integral part of the Dynamic Shortcodes suite in WordPress, specifically tailored for retrieving values from JetEngine fields. It enhances content handling in WordPress by allowing users to dynamically access and display custom field data created with JetEngine.


  • field: Name of the JetEngine field to retrieve.

  • keyargs: Key arguments for additional configurations.

Key Arguments

  • id: Specifies the ID of the post from which to retrieve the JetEngine field.


  1. Retrieve a Specific Field from the current post or page: {jet:custom_field_name}

    Fetches the value of 'custom_fieldname' from the current page or post

  2. Retrieve a Specific Field: {jet:custom_field_name@id=10} Fetches the value of 'custom_fieldname' from the post with ID 10.

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