Mirror Field for Elementor Pro Form
Updated over a week ago

The Mirror field allows you to mirror the value of another field in real-time.


To use the Mirror field:

  1. Add a Mirror field to your form

  2. In the field settings, set the Source Field to the field you want to mirror

  3. By default, the mirror field will update on blur, but you can enable Update on each Keypress for real-time mirroring

The value of the source field will be copied to the Mirror field automatically. If the Update on each Keypress option is enabled, it will update on every keystroke in the source field.

By default, the Mirror field is read-only to prevent the mirrored value from getting out of sync. You can set the Modifiable option to allow editing the Mirror field directly. However, this will stop the automatic mirroring as soon as the user edits the Mirror field.


The Mirror field is not compatible with Post and Get form method options from the Form Method extension. It requires the default Submit method.

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