Message for Elementor Pro Form
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By enabling this Elementor PRO Form Extension you can find a new "Actions After Submit" called Message.

Add it to the "Add Action" multi-select and the new Message Section will appear.

The Message to Show

  • Message Type, select to visualize a normal simple Text Message or a graphical advanced message built with a Template;

  • Message Text, you can insert any Token or Shortcode to integrate the submitted values, like:
    "Thanks [field id="name"] to submit the form!";

  • Floating message, to fix the message in a definite spot on the screen, not as the usual form;

  • Close button, add a simple button to the left or right of the message, this permits the user to hide the message;

  • Hide the form after the submission, once the message displays the relative form disappears.

Use an Elementor Template

To create a structured response message you can use an Elementor Template, without any limitation,
where you can insert images, text, buttons, and many other Widgets.

To display the submitted data, simply use the Form Token, like [form:my_field_name] together with the Dynamic Tag Token.

To make it more dynamic you can select a Post and a User and make a specific element dynamic.

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