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Identity - Dynamic Shortcodes

Learn about the Identity Dynamic Shortcode, its functionality, and usage within the Dynamic Shortcodes system.

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The Identity Dynamic Shortcode is a part of the Dynamic Shortcodes system. Unlike traditional shortcodes, the Identity Dynamic Shortcode provides a straightforward yet powerful way to return the value of its single argument without any modifications.

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to dynamically retrieve and display data exactly as it is input.

Identity will assume the value of the only argument passed.


The Identity Dynamic Shortcode follows the basic syntax:

  • arg represents the value that will be returned as is by the shortcode

The Identity Dynamic Shortcode accepts only one argument.


  1. Basic Usage


    This example returns the string sampleText.

  2. Number as Argument


    Here, the shortcode returns the number 123.

  3. Using a Filter Function


    In this example, the Identity Dynamic Shortcode is used in conjunction with a filter function.

    The shortcode {identity:argument} initially returns the string argument.

    The |function part represents a filter applied to this output.


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