Features Affecting Loading Times
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There are a few things that can have a significant impact on loading times in certain situations.

Showing too many posts

Some users choose to display hundreds, if not thousands of posts in our widgets. This will cause a slowdown in loading not due to our functionality, but to the fact that a huge amount of data is requested from the database.

The most obvious way to optimise any widget with many posts is to set acceptable limits on the number of posts required. This way, no more data will be requested than is actually needed and loading times will be less affected.


From the Settings page you can disable all the token types you don't need, or disable the all at once if you don't need any. In some cases this can be very beneficial to loading times.

Embedded Elementor Templates

With Views, Dynamic Posts and related widgets you have the option to display the content with an Elementor Templates. If you use this feature, for each post that is displayed on the page a certain time is taken for the rendering of the template. When the posts being display on the page are few (1-5) the slowdown is acceptable. But if you need to display many posts on the page the slowdown caused by this can become very significant. If that is the case we recommend to either avoid using the Elementor Templates option if possible, or us a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache to cache the page.

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