Dynamic Visibility - Triggers - Term & Archive
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With Dynamic Visibility Term & Archive Trigger, you can show or hide the content based on the archive & taxonomy terms.

You can add further conditions to show/hide the content in the archive if the current taxonomy term is parent, root, etc.

For example, if you enable "Is Parent", the content will be shown only if the Term of Taxonomy is a Parent Term(with children) and not a children term.

  • Is Parent: when the term is a parent term which is having children.

  • Is Root: When the term is a first-level term with no parent term.

  • Is Leaf: When the term is the last level term with no children

  • Is Node: When the term is in the middle which has both parent and children term.

  • Has Parent: When the term is a children term having parent term.

  • Has Siblings: When the term has sibling terms

  • Has Posts: When the term post count is not zero.

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