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How To Use ACF Repeater in ACF Flexible Content
How To Use ACF Repeater in ACF Flexible Content
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The Flexible Content field offers an uncomplicated editor. With this Field Type, you can use Layouts and have desired fields in them.

We can take an example from the GSMarena website to understand it better. For the specific mobile specification, they show us information in different parameters such as Network, Launch, Body, Display, Platform, etc.

You can take all of these as Layout in Flexible Content. With Flexible Content, one can create complex layouts that are easy to work with.

ACF Flexible Fields with Repeater in its Layout

Below we can fill in some information in the field's values by editing the post.

Let's create a template for our layout. In the Flexible Layout Template, we can use the Text and Repeater field by dropping Heading and ACF Repeater Widget.

Now we can use the ACF Flexible Content widget in the single post template and assign the above template in the layout as shown below.

On the above screenshot, you can see that we've successfully returned the values from the ACF Repeater set in the layout of Flexible Content.

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