ACF Repeater
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Display Mode

  • Subfields, you can select the subfields of the repeater. If you choose an HTML Tag, you can choose a style.

  • HTML & Tokens, in this area you can display your repeater using HTML & Tokens. You can choose [ROW:name-of-the-subfield] to show your subfields.

  • Template, you can choose a template to stylize your repeater. In the template, you can use ACF Fields widget, another ACF Repeater widget if you have a nested repeater, ACF Relationship widget, and more...
    You will be able to see the preview of the row if you set the Preview Page on the Template settings.


Text, if you want to display all the rows in the same block, for example for a simple comma-separated list (Red, Blue, Green).

Grid, a grid layout where you can decide how many columns you would like to display.

Table, generates an HTML Table, or add advanced interaction controls to your HTML Table using DataTables.

Carousel, for a slideshow visualization, there is available a dedicated section to customize it.

List, for an ordered or unordered list of visualization.

Accordion, for an accordion with all options of standard Accordion Widget.


You can use the Source settings to choose ACF Repeater fields from another page.

Nested Repeaters

To display nested ACF Repeaters, you can use the Template Display Mode on the main ACF Repeater Widget. In the Template, you can insert another ACF Repeater Widget where you can select the sub ACF Repeater as the source.

The Template used for the main ACF Repeater could contain another sub ACF Repeater Widget:

This recursion could be infinite if you keep repeating this procedure to display another sub-level.

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