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How to Add a Custom Font on HTML Converter for PDF Generator
How to Add a Custom Font on HTML Converter for PDF Generator
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If you want to add a custom font for your HTML Converter then follow this tutorial.

Add a custom font in Elementor Custom Fonts in a TTF format. You can download online the font in .ttf format.

For the HTML Templates:

  • only TTF font type is supported;

  • weight can only be normal or bold & style be normal or italic.

If everything goes right, you will be able to see your custom fonts in the Fonts section on HTML Template.

Now in HTML Template, you can use the CSS font-style property to use the fonts.

If you are using the Elementor template then you should set the custom font (Pacifico in our case) in the template.

How to Use Some Languages other than English

To use some other languages you can use respective fonts. Below are some suggestions.

Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Arabic, N'ko, Lao:

โ€‹Notice: The following are not usable anymore. Google no longer seems to provide TTF fonts. We are on the look for other fonts for these language, if you find any let us know.
For Japanese:
Chinese Simplified:
Chinese Tranditional:

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