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PDF Generator for Elementor PRO Form - SVG Converter
PDF Generator for Elementor PRO Form - SVG Converter
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The SVG Converter is included in the extension PDF Generator for Elementor PRO Form.

With this converter, you can create a PDF template for the form with a vector graphic software that can export to SVG.

Important: Line wrapping is not supported. This means that if you have a token like [form:field] and the user inputs something very long, in the PDF the text might go beyond the right margin of the page and be lost.

You can use Tokens inside the template.

The ImageMagick PHP extension (imagick) is recommended, If you have it installed on your server the SVG Converter supports SVGs from advanced graphic editors like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape (we suggest Inkscape version 0.92 and not later as it has better support for text bounded in a region).
If you don't have ImageMagick you should instead use a simple editor like this free SVG Editor.


  • Name of the PDF file, whatever stands before the .pdf suffix. Generally, for File System limitations, it is better to give simple names, that are not too long or contain special characters.
    IMPORTANT: the name must be unique, otherwise previous PDFs will be overwritten, you can also use shortcodes and Tokens to generate it;

  • Folder is where the PDF will be stored. By default, it is under the elementor folder in wp-content/uploads.

  • SVG Code, here you can paste the code from the software.

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