Hidden Label Field lets you map the Select, Radio, or Checkbox field to recognize the label against its value. There are many implications of this Hidden Label Field in the forms.

For example, In the below screenshot, you can see that value of Grapes and Oranges is exactly the same, which is 200. As such, you can calculate the amount without an issue, however, you also need to recognize the product which is selected in emails and submissions.

And here comes into play our Hidden Label Field, with which you can call and identify the label of selected items.

Let's see how you can use the field.

Here is my Product Field with three items where the value of Grapes and Oranges is the same:

Id of my product field which will be used in the hidden label field for reference.

My Hidden Label field is now connected with my product field.

The ID of my Hidden Label field:

In Submissions, I can see the products which are selected.

I can also use the form token [form:hidden] in my email template. And then I use the template in the Dynamic Email to show the Hidden Label field and get the chosen products list in emails.

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