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How to Save Users with Save for Elementor Pro Form
How to Save Users with Save for Elementor Pro Form

This tutorial will guide you how to save the users with save for Elementor Pro Form widget

Updated over a week ago

This Action is available only for the Form included in the paid version of Elementor (Elementor PRO), which is NOT included in our plugin.

Save for Elementor Pro form lets you save the post, user, term, and option in your database with Elementor Form.

To save users, follow the below-listed steps:

Note: To save the users via Elementor Form, make sure you have enabled "anyone can register" in WordPress settings.

  • In your form choose the action "save" in action after submit

  • Now under save, opt to save fields as the user. There are several other options to have more control over the process. The use of each toggle is well described underneath that.

  • You can type the Field IDs with a comma to save them as meta or leave the below blue selected area as empty to save all the fields.

  1. Put the Field Shortcode ID for Username Field

  2. Put the Field Shortcode ID for User Email Field

  3. Put the Field Shortcode ID for User Password Field

  4. Choose the User Role for the new user

  5. Opt to enable if you want the new users to automatically log in

User Registration Error Message is optional if you want to show a message when an error occurs. You can also Stop actions when there is an error by enabling the "stop actions on error" toggle.


Notice that you have custom field that have the same names as fields already included in WordPress (for example the email) this can cause a conflict and neither fields might be saved.

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