Create a Custom Token
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Know more about tokens here.

To create a custom token you need to add a function in your file functions.php.

Where the function name will be the filter name.

It has a unique parameter that contains the Token result, it may be a string, an array, an object, or null.

function my_custom_token_filter($data) { 
// do whatever you want
return $data;


The Filters may accept also parameters, the Token's value is automatically passed to the function as the first parameter (or last for some function, like explode).

For example,

  • substr(0,3) gets the first 3 characters of the returned string;

  • get_the_post_thumbnail('full') gets the full image, not the thumb.


The below function will work as the filter for our token.

function mFunction($data, $data2) { 
return $data + $data2;

Now, if we have an ACF number field with a value of 50 and key "acf_number", the below custom token will return by computing the value based on function.


Returned value: 50+60 = 110

Note: To use filters, don't forget to use "|"

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