Live HTML Field is like Elementor HTML field, but it allows you to insert the values of the form fields and show them live as they are updated.

To insert a field type form.field-id inside double curly brackets.

For example:

Hello <b>{{}}</b>!

For fields where you can choose more than one option, like checkboxes, you can define a template that will be repeated for each choice. Example:

You have selected the following options:

If the options selected where 'a', 'b', and 'c', the result would be:

You have selected the following options:

{{#form.field-id-here}} will begin the repeater, {{.}} will insert the current item, and {{/form.field-id-here}} will end it.

Showing something only if a field is present or only if it isn't

You can use a similar syntax as that shown above:

{{# form.acceptance_field }}
Thank you for accepting the conditions.
{{/ form.acceptance_field }}

{{^ form.acceptance_field }}
You need to accept the conditions in order to proceed.
{{/ form.acceptance_field }}

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