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Dynamic Posts - Query - From Post type
Updated over a week ago

In Query, you can specify which data should be visible for your post grids, carousels or any other skin type.

In Query from the Post Type, you can simply choose the following parameters for the display of post grids.

  • Post Type - Choose the desirable post type

  • Post Status - Select to show published, drafted, private and password protected posts.

  • Ignore Sticky Posts - By enabling this toggle you can ignore to show the sticky posts.

  • Results Per Page - Number of query results. Better to show fewer results for fast performance.

  • Posts Offset - Posts will show with the gap of the specified number. This gap is related to the order of posts you have chosen.

  • Order By -

  • Order: you have the option to change the order whether "Ascending" or "Descending"

  • Exclude: You can also exclude the current post, page parent or any other specific post from the post query

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